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Vic Chao Adult SuccessVic Chao –www.vicchao.com

See IMDb profile…

“The Devil’s Matchmaker” -Lead
“Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus”- Lead
“The Red Canvas”- Young General Krang
“Living Hell”- Sgt. Kinoshita
“Monk”- Lee
“The Division”- Danny Wong
“Boston Legal”- Guest Star
“24”- Recurring Guest Star
“Ms. Congeniality 2”- Supporting

Vince Fuentes Adult SuccessVincent Fuentes

“Better Call Saul”-Arturo – Recurring
”From Dusk Till Dawn”- Cristobal – Recurring
”American Crime”- Lido – Recurring
”Sin City”- A dame to kill for – Abdul
”Machete Kills”- Cabrito Cook

Jamison Yang Adult SuccessJamison Yang – See IMDb profile…

“Transformers”- Analyst
”House M.D.”- Peng
”ER”- Co-Star
”Ugly Betty”- Co-Star
”Million Dollar Baby”- Supporting
”West Wing”- Agent Lee
”Pushing Daisies”- Guest Star
”Ghost Whisperer”- Guest Star
”Without A Trace”- Guest Star
”King of Queens”- Guest Star

Mayra Leal Adult SuccessMayra Leal

“Machette”- Supporting
”Memphis Beat”- Co-Star
”The Deep End”- Co-Star

Scott Jefferies Adult SuccessScott Jefferies

“Friday Night Lights”- Recurring Guest Star
”Chase”- Co Star
”Mindsight”- Cop
”SPREE”- Bobby
”Swinger”- Bob
”Fungi”- Dr. Phil McCracken
”Good Guys”- Guest Star

Patrick Sane Adult SuccessPatrick Sane

“Lawn Wars”- Patrol Partner
”The Easy Life”- Freddy
”June”- The Florist
”Simulation 9″- Dr. Noah
”Doll Factory”- Lead
”Breaking Bad”-Co-Star
”Return to Vengeance”- Supporting

Shelley Black Adult SuccessShelley Calene-Black

“Memphis Beat”- Guest Star
”Playing House”- Star
”Jon Wuz Here”- Guest Star
”Esther’s Diary”- Star

Nina Leon Adult SuccessNina Leon

“American Cartel”- Supporting
”Jon Wuz Here”- Lead
”El Nacional”- Supporting
”The Maestro”- Supporting
”Machette”- Supporting
”Magic City”- ‘Isabel’ recurring

Brittney Karbowski Adult SuccessBrittney Karbowski – See IMDb profile…

“Puncture”- Co-Star
”Atrocity”- Lead
”Code of Evil”- Lead
”Up and Down”- Lead

Greyson Berry Adult SuccessGrayson Berry

“The Good Guys”- Co-Star
”Drop Dead Diva”- Co-Star
”Book of Babylon”- Supporting
”Breakout Kings”- Jason Frost

Derek Cox Berg Adult SuccessDerek Cox Berg – See IMDb profile…

“Malcolm In the Middle”- Recurring Guest
”The Mist”- Supporting
”Zoey 101″- Supporting
”Gettin’ some Jail Time”- Supporting

Dickson Obahor Adult SuccessDickson Obahor

“Chase”- Tom Churchill
”Morgue & Stein”- Black Marketeer
”Easy Life”- Hakeem
”We’re the Millers”- Supporting

Brandon Molale Adult SuccessBrandon Molale

“Reno 911″- Recurring
”Navy NCIS”- Agent Reynolds
”Charmed”- Rocco
”Mission Impossible 3″- Supporting
”Boston Legal”- Guest Star
”That 70’s Show”- Guest Star
”The Longest Yard”- Supporting

Alicia Ziegler Adult SuccessAlicia Ziegler

“Bones”- Chandler
”Frat Party”- Lead
”Wildfire”- Recurring
”Castle”- Guest Star
”Lake Placid”- Lead
”CSI-New York”- Guest Star
”Shark”- Guest Star
”The Last Hurrah”- Melissa
”Legacy”- Molly

Kristi Clainos Adult SuccessKristi Clainos

“Desperate Housewives”- Megan
”Las Vegas”- Jamie Becker
”Cold Case”- Eileen Bruno
”Bewitched”- Supporting
”Jack”- Co-Star

Carl Ciarfalio Adult SuccessCarl Ciarfalio

“The Woods”- Stunt Coordinator
”Brothers Keeper”- Stunt Coordinator
”Chain Letter”- Stunt Coordinator
”CSI”- Hank Connors
”24″–Marshall Corean
”Casino”- Tony Dogs
”Stump The Band”- (Feature) Stunt Coordinator & Supporting Actor

Marco Kahn Adult SuccessMarco Kahn

“10,000 BC”- Lead
”Pirates of the Caribbean”- Supporting
”Albert Brooks Feature”- Supporting

Adam Mayfield Adult SuccessAdam Mayfield

“All My Children”- Scott Chandler
”Sea of Fears”- Joel
”Girlfriends”- Supporting
”The Hughleys”- Co-Star
”Just Shoot Me”- Steve
”Zombie Wars”- Lead
”Lost At War”- Lead
”JACK”- Recurring Guest Star

Juli Donald Adult SuccessJuli Donald

“Judging Amy”- Guest Star
”NYPD Blue”- Recurring Guest
”Without a Trace”- Guest Star
”Close to Home”- Dr Rose Stille
”Monk”- Madeline Kroger
”Walker Texas Ranger”- D.A. Kristy Clark
”Family Law”- Susan
”Purple Rose to Cairo”- Supporting
”Muppets take Manhattan”- Jenny
”Murder in the First”- Recurring Guest

Boo Arnold Adult SuccessBoo Arnold

“Watch over Me”- Recurring
”Justice”- Scott Newcombe
”Ugly Betty”- Co-Star
”Brothers & Sisters”- Co-Star
”Veronica Mars”- Co-Star
”Passions”- Principle
”Just Legal”- (pilot) w/ Don Johnson – Co-Star

Regina Ohashi Adult SuccessRegina Ohashi

“Half Pipe”- Supporting
”Deck Chairs”- Supporting
”Sunshine”- Lead
”A Book By Its Cover”- Supporting

Annmarie Giaquinto Adult SuccessAnnMarie Giaquinto

“Enemy Of The Mind”- Sheila Ginsgberg
”Interventions”- Lead
”Married Men, Single Women”- Ann
”As I Die Slowly”- Doctor Kathy
”Helen Alone”- Julie
”Mullberry Staines”- Jeannie
”The Order of Things”- Forensic Cop

Jennifer Saygan Adult SuccessJennifer SayGan

“Big Shots”- Co-Star
”Without a Trace”- Guest Star
”Days of Our Lives”- Recurring

Akie Kotabe Adult SuccessAkie Kotabe

“Stacked”- Co-Star
”ER”- Co-Star
”Sarah Conner Chronicles”- Supporting

Teri Galvan Adult SuccessTeri Galvan

“A Soldier’s Soul”- Lead
”Blissful Lies”- Supporting
”The Usual”- Supporting
”Behind Closed Doors”- Recurring

Lauren Mary Kim Adult SuccessLauren Mary Kim

“Dead Reckoning”– Eva Shen
”Black Dynamite”- Hoe
”Taken by Force”– Ling Moy
”CSI: Miami”– Veronica Eckland
”Happy Hour”- (Fox) – Co-Star
”Rush Hour 3″- Supporting
”Power Rangers Live Show”- Lead
”Jack”- (pilot) – Co-Star

Christian Anderson Adult SuccessChristian Anderson

“Ave Q”- Lead-On Broadway”The Division”- Co-Star

Ashley Ford Adult SuccessAshley Ford

“How I Met Your Mother”- Co-Star
”Jack”- (pilot) – Lead

Chad Collins Adult SuccessChad Collins

“Lake Placid 2″- Lead
”Rock Monster”- Lead
”Sniper 4″
“Guilty or Innocent”- Jeb Ashley

Oris Erhuero Adult SuccessOris Erhuero

“Sometimes In April”- Lead Actor
”Black Mask 2: City of Masks”- Wolf
”Highlander: Endgame”- Winston
”The Adventures of Sinbad”- Rongar

Dickson Obahor Adult SuccessDickson Obahor

“Chase”- Tom Churchill
”Morgue & Stein”- Black Marketeer
”Easy Life”- Hakeem
”We’re the Millers”- Supporting

Danielle Jacobs Adult SuccessDanielle Jacobs

Festival Award Winner- Director
Sundance Short Film- Supporting
”Boy Man”
“NOW”- Lead
”Lost At War”- Supporting
”Servare Vitas”- Lead

Alex Ball Adult SuccessAlex Ball

“Alias”- Co-Star
”Joey”- Recurring Co-Star
”Cold Case”- Guest Star

Yi Tian Adult SuccessYi Tian

“The Shadow Rises” (Feature)- Co-Star
”End of the Innocence” (Feature)- Co-Star
Chinese International News- Recurring Anchor/Reporter
”Gist” (Short)- Co-Star

James Wirt Adult SuccessJames Wirt

“The Order of Things”- Sebastian Kelley
”Billy Bates”- Billy
”All My Children”- Cameraman

Krista Knott Adult SuccessKrista Knott

“Callback” (Feature)- Supporting

Alvin Bellow Adult SuccessAlvin Bellow

“The Man Who Came Back”- Supporting
”Maestro”- Supporting
”Mad to Kill”- Supporting

Natasha Asaria Adult SuccessNatasha Asaria

“Tree of Life”- Featured
”Rani in the City”- Co-Star
”Underground Justice”- Co-Star

Marisa Karl Adult SuccessMarisa Karl

“Jack”- Guest Star
”Lost at War” (Feature)– Supporting

Jeff Bell Adult SuccessJeff Bell

“Days of Our Lives”- Day Player

Nicky Mondellini Adult SuccessNicky Mondellini

“Maria Mercedes” (Soap)
“Contra Viento u Marea” (Soap)

Jason Yarbough Adult SuccessJason Yarbrough

“Chase”- NBC
”Jacob”- Indie film
”Burned”- Indie film

Carlos Sepulveda Adult SuccessCarlos Sepulveda, Jr.

“A Texas Triangle”- Supporting
“Oh Eddie!”
“Single Daddies”
”The Order of Things”- The Boss

Shondra Marie Adult SuccessShondra Marie

“Letting Madison Go”

Alissa Koenig Adult SuccessAlissa Koenig

“Zombie Wars” (Feature)- Lead
”Eyes Of The Woods”- Lead
”Callback”- Co-Star

Lawrence Avery Young Adult SuccessLawrence Avery Young

“End of the Route”- Lead
“Divorce Texas Style”
“The Passage”

Ronda Flannery Adult SuccessRonda Flannery

“The Bourbon Effect”- Lead
“Bleep Love”- Lead
“Queen, Myself and I”- Supporting

Kendrick Smith Adult SuccessKendrick Smith

“American Dream”- Lead
”21 Grams”- Supporting

Josephine John Adult SuccessJosephine John

“Queen & I”- Co-Star
”Latte, Coffee & Oranges”- Co-Star

Howard Block Adult SuccessHoward Block

“Collecting Debts”- Lead
”Killing Me Softly”- Co-Star

Amber Stevens Adult SuccessAndrea Stevens

“Dead Backs”- Lead
”Cash Money”- Lead

Ashley Palmer Adult SuccessAshley Palmer

“Darren Star”- (pilot)
”Kitchen”- Co-Star

Damian Dentremont Adult SuccessDamian d’Entremont

“Material Girls”- Supporting

Fiona hunter Adult SuccessFiona Hunter

“Table for Three”- Erica

Jonathan Badeen Adult SuccessJonathan Badeen

“Zombie Wars”(Feature) – Supporting

Rachelle Wells Adult SuccessRachelle Wells

“Back To Norm”- Co Star
”Will And Grace”- Co-Star

John Outtrim Adult SuccessJohn Outtrim

“The Pardon”- Supporting
”Dirty Buns”- Supporting
”Vid Con Dios”- Supporting

Phil Leggett Adult SuccessPhil Leggett

“Queen & I”- Co-Star
”Spirit Camp”- Supporting

Laura Thorsten Adult SuccessLaura Thorsten

“The Many Strange Stories of Triangle Woman”- Lead

Amber Stevens Adult SuccessAmber Stevens – See IMDb profile…

“Fired Up”- Sara
”CSI”- Amy Wilson
”The Fast & The Furious 3″- Supporting
”Club House”- Co-Star
”Greek”- Series Regular ABC
”Jack”- (pilot) – Series Regular

Sarah Foret Youth SuccessSarah Foret – See IMDb profile…

“Lost Dream”- Lead
”The Deep Sleep”- Lead
”American Crude”- Tammy
”Karla”- Kaitlyn Ross
”Beautiful People”- Lead Actress
”CSI: NY”- Guest Star
”Gilmore Girls”- Guest Star

Quality Acting Classes In Houston & The Woodlands, TX For Adults And Children
Adult: dekeit5151@gmail.com
Youth/Teen: nextlevelactingstudios@gmail.com

For more information, please call or text (832) 548.0499